Slow Ruckus

Slow Ruckus

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I Have some history that I'd like to tell you.

Last year I had a scooter mech. Tune up my bike and it still will not go anyore then 32. So I installed a posh cdi it killed the starter but the bike went 37, which I was happy with, untill the bike Started to run poorly. Next I had another mech. Look at it and we got rid Of the cdi and installed a new ECM, That worked but still only 32 mph.

Here I am, sorry for the life history but I'm stumped, and am ready to sell the bike.

Any thoughts? Thanks



Hi, which CDI did you use? Since it's only going 32 I would think something is going on.

It could be all, some or one of the following: 


1. WORN OUT / BAD - 
   spark plug 
   roller weights 
   faulty carb choke

2. DIRTY - 
   valve clearance 
   brake adjustment 
   tire pressure 

4. POOR TUNING - It's also possible the scooter has- 
   The wrong carb jets. 
   Incorrectly installed parts. 
Don't overlook any of these items. They should all be ruled out one by one. The maintenance should be done every 1000miles for best performance. I would run the Daytona Drag variator with 6g weights and just make sure everything (belt, air filter, plug) is good. 
I would do the work yourself, it's just about impossible to find a good scooter mechanic. A good mechanic should work on the most complicated machines on the road but also treat the simple Ruckus with respect. We get jobs Honda dealers can't figure out from as far away as Arizona. So far we fix the problem in less than 2 hours. You should be able to get out and ride
if you follow the guidelines I gave you (^_^) 
Don't give up, Abe



Hi, I was going 34ish, now after installing the Drag variator and Black Box CDI I have nice take off torque down low but I top out at 22-25mph which is not acceptable. I am 230 pound (I know laugh it up) rider and was informed this might be the best set up.




You need to run through the list to see which items are not in spec. Keep in mind the air filter can be bad and look fine since it's paper. Also I'm guessing the CDI was installed with crimp type temporary connectors. The CDI needs to be soldered in, especially if it's not working correctly (^_^) It's critical the items that effect engine RPM VS. wheel speed are checked. Mathematically the 9500 rev limit allows you to do 47 with everything perfect. A worn belt or tire issues will have a huge effect on top speed.

Best regards, Abe