Ruckus Disc Brake Conversion

Ruckus Disc Brake Conversion



So you want real stoppers on your Ruckus? The parts needed aren't that many. It's a basic mod that really is worth the time and money.

Master Cylinder

Brake Hose

Banjo Bolts and Washers X2

Disc Brake Type Fork Set

Brake Caliper

Brake Rotor

Caliper Bolts

Rotor Bolts

Disc Brake Type Front Wheel



All the compatible parts can be found on our site.


Things to keep in mind

1. You will need to cut the lever perch off of your right hand control to make room for the master cylinder. Any master cylinder can be used but buy good ones, it's your life at stake.

2. Not all forks are created equal. Many different forks are out there. All the forks listed on our site are direct replacements for the Honda Dio ZX disc brake fork. This means all aftermarket parts made for the Dio ZX fit them.

3. Rotor. Your rotor needs to match and be  compatible with your rim. For oversize rotors you will need a caliper adapter to relocate the caliper. Again all of our parts are Dio ZX compatible.

4. Aftermarket calipers are not compatible with Dio ZX components. The good thing is larger rotors need adapters (^_^) All the adpaters we sell allow use of Brembo pattern calipers to be used with Dio ZX disc brake forks.

5. The wheel must match your rotor but it doesn't stop there. Wheels have different offsets and axle sizes. The standard Dio ZX axle is 10mm. You can install 10mm bearings for wheels with larger axle sizes. We sell or include wheel spacers for all the wheels we sell. If you are using different wheels of an unknown origin spacers will need to be made.

X. If you plan on using a speedo driven off the wheel you will also need the speedo drive gear. Not all drive gears are created equal. The drive gear must fit your wheel, axle and speedo cable. We do offer a drive gear compatible with the Ruckus speedo and Dio ZX components.