Ruckus Big Carb Kit

Ruckus Big Carb Kit


Let's start off by explaining what a carb kit includes. In the case of the Honda Ruckus Big Carburetor Kit, it's a carb, manifold and throttle cable. You really need to pick your own filter because they all work differently. We try not to sell a carb kit because it only includes three parts. We sell those parts. Our feeling is that if you can't piece the three parts together as you like the jetting is going to make your head explode (^_^)

Pictured here isn't a kit at all. It's a all most stock big carb kit for you Ruckus. I'm a big fan of CV carbs so I installed a Honda Elite 150 carb on my Ruckus. The CH150 has a 20mm carburetor that fits like a glove with our Big Carb Manifold and a short piece of hose.

I actually tried this carb back in 2003 when I was banging my head against the wall trying to make my Ruckus faster. In those days they didn't have big manifolds so it didn't work too well. I could have made one but I'm lazy too. Besides I'm sure I was doing something more fun at the time (like riding every day).

Back to the Carb! The CH150 carb does bolt in with the stock Ruckus. All you need is our Filter Kit, Big Carb Manifold and a CH150 Carb. You will need to hook up the choke too. It works great. I'm still playing with it but the first jet I installed (90 main) works great with the stock exhaust. The stock Elite pilot jet seems good and the CV carb loves the foam air filter.

Air filter -

Foam, love it or hate it. I can't make up my mind. The CV carb loves a foam filter. It seems like most carbs love foam. Let me explain this one (^_^) Scooter engines spray fuel back into the intake, lots of fuel. If you have a gauze filter attached to the carb it's going to clog with fuel. You can install an intake tube to keep the fuel out of the filter but if you don't want to make one foam is for you. The foam cells do a better job of dealing with all that gas. They don't breathe as well as a gauze filter but they do when they are soaked with gas (^_^)

Why the VE carb from some old scooter? I never liked the PC carb because the design is as old as dirt. I had a PE on it and those work great and it's even a race carb, not something from the 60's. I may switch carbs later but for now it's playing with the VE for me.

So far I've cut one coil off the diaphragm spring and now I'm playing with the vacuum bleed holes. Once I have something good to tell I'll update. For now I'm super happy since it runs better than the stocker and I haven't really jetted it yet.


Captain's Log .2

I filled in the larger bleed hole in the slide which gave much better acceleration. On our test strip it picked up a couple hundred RPM which is a great improvement. It is now too rich on top so a leaner main jet is being tested now.

Stay tuned,


Captain's Log .3

I'm running the CH150 carb pretty good now. I've got the larger of the bleed holes in the slide blocked off. I'm running a 90 main and 42 pilot. The 90 may be too rich in my case, it's right on the edge of 88 and 90, I can't really tell the difference. It will take time to narrow it down.

Using the new setup I'm crushing my old 52mph top speed. The gearing is now a little low so going to MetI gears or a larger tire is next on my plate.